The traditionally sweet and romantic V-Day can be used as a great occasion to give a practical gift to your loved one if you are looking for an excuse to pamper them. Although there is controversy of the much commercialized day, you can always have fun and even maybe get a prank through to make the day fun and exciting for your partner. Gifts that are showcased during the holiday season can be notoriously expensive and also not worth the expense, so it is always a good idea to give him something practical that he has always wanted to buy, but never got around to. Or you can even give him gifts of an item that is fun and cool.

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

Who doesn’t love some espresso early morning? And how awesome would it be if you can make it in a container the size of a sports drink container? The MiniPresso has made a solution for that with their new GR Espresso Maker and it comes in the shape of a travel mug so he does not need to actually make a significant effort every morning to get his shot of coffee. You can buy this through amazon and he will just need some fresh coffee grounds and hot water to get his coffee done.

Flying urchin air plants

This gift is something that works as a cool addition to his work space and also is a great way to enhance his green thumb. Air plants are the best method for keeping some green that does not require constant attention. So if you hang these in an area where there is air drafts and wind, the plants will grow on their own with some minimum water spraying. You can either buy the set online from Amazon to start off the plants, or you can grab some alfonso sea urchin shells and connect an air plant to the bottom using an S hook and some clear line. It looks great when the plants stabilize and you can even add it to the workplace as a burst of green. If you were planning to buy mens cologne, then this will be much better for him. Look here to gather information about online perfumes in Singapore.

Scratch map

If your significant other someone who loves to travel and see the world? Then one of the great ways to showcase his adventures is through a scratch map. You can buy these for pretty cheap online and even from the supermarket and if you get it framed then it shows even better. You can get it in different sizes so check with him first what his preference would be.

The scratch map would be a stark difference from the regular gifts of mens cologne Singapore.

There are some great new inventions that came out last year which can tickle his gadget and tech collection so be sure to check those out as well.