If you are looking at treating your windows better then you also might be looking at purchasing blinds which are a lot more versatile. You might be looking at ones which will block out amount of sunlight which will penetrate through the room area. You will also have to consider the overall size of the window and the overall space before you do consider one. Here are some types of blinds for you to consider:

These ones are one of the most famous blind in Singapore out there. Generally they can be added to any room in order to make it stand out. Most of these ones have a design which is very different to the others. They come with slats which are horizontal and which are positioned right on top of one and another. They are even held together by strings. The strings will even hold the strings together and can be rotated when they are moved in a synchronized manner. You will be able to open and close them partially. You will also be able to pull them completely upwards to allow the windows to be completely exposed.

These ones are made from flatter looking slat which are much sleeker in design. You will have to look for slat which will make larger or even smaller looking windows look more elegant. These ones are also used in offices as well as for home use. You must look for slats which are around ½ the inch by width. This will give more space for your ones to move.

You must look for a motorized curtain which will allow the device to move easily. You must also look for ones which are easy for you to move. The design will reduce the overall dust which might collect around the slats rather than the Venetian ones. You must make sure that you do look for ones which will have a side closing mechanism. The side closing mechanism is a style which is even incorporated for large patio doors to even larger ones which will have an opening on the side.

You must look for roller blinds which will block any light from the space. They are a one unit design which is made from a metal device which will operate even on a side chain or even a spring. The overall design will even block any light from the space when it is closed. It will not allow much light to enter the space too.