Every couple’s wish would be to make sure that their wedding day is full of love, special and most importantly, memorable; a festival of affection which would leave their friends and family talking about the wedding day in awe and expressing how much of fun they had. Your wedding day would contain of many little memories which would contribute to a memory which leaves you in tears, for example the look in the grooms eyes when he sees you walking down the aisle, or the look on your father as he gives away his little girl. However, there are more than just these that make up your wedding day; there are so many other ways to make your wedding a memorable one, for both you and the guests.

The Decoration.

Don’t shy away from decorations. Decorations would give your wedding a touch of personalized difference however; you do not have to overdo it. Buy some wedding flowers to scatter along the aisle, light up some candles if you want to. You could also decorate the place according to a theme, maybe a fairytale or a wonderland wedding, this will leave an imprint on the guest as they walk into the wonderfully decorated room.

The Attire.

The second thing that people would almost immediately notice would be the way you are dressed from your hair, to make up and your bridal bouquet Singapore. You need to wear whatever that you feel comfortable in because you don’t want to look back and think of how tight that corset was or how the tie was suffocating you. Keep in mind that you will look your best in whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that finding the perfect dress won’t be easy! Be patient and hopefully because rushing your decision and settling on a dress that you barely like is not going to make your big day any better.

Personalized programs.

The most important part about the service would be the wedding program, which you can add your personal touch to. You can do whatever you wish to with the programs, you can include a brief about you and the groom, maybe write your own vows, add a picture from the pre wedding shoot. The advantage of a personalized program would be that it would keep the guests occupied and also give them an insight about your love story. You can always save a copy of the program for yourself to look back to after the wedding is done.