Purchasing one is one thing and proper use of it is another. That is to say one must be aware of the possible dangers that may arise when using one of these devices. There are also ways in which you could reduce potential risk of harm. All of these things must be kept in mind when using one. Just like any other machine if you aren’t careful when using you could get hurt. Through the course of this article I will provide you with a few safety tips that you may find useful.

First of all while engaging in additive manufacturing there is a chance that you may get burns. The likelihood of them being severe is unlikely but it could happen. As such you must make sure that you are using the recommended amount of heat at all times. For which purpose you must ensure that the part that measures heat in the device is always in proper working order.  For some materials you might need a heated build plate. Check to see if you need one before engaging in any use of the machine. Be especially careful when you are removing plastic from the nozzle as there is a high likelihood of you getting burnt. If you are interested about prototyping services you can visit this website http://3dmatters.com.sg/capabilities/

These devices heat up quite a bit when in use, and as such there is a risk of fire if you aren’t too careful. The quality 3D printing materials in Singapore that you would be using have a very low chance of catching fire unless there is something wrong with the part that controls the heat, but there is a chance that any paper or easily combustible items kept in the vicinity of it of catching fire. For such reason refrain from keeping any such material near your device at all times. Furthermore you should never leave your device unattended while it is in use. Even if it’s a long print time you must at the very least check on the device from time to time. Finally having a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher in the room would be strongly advisable.

Now there is a question of danger from particles and fumes form the machine. Unless you are using it in a room with very low ventilation you should be fine. Just try and get the machine as much ventilation as possible in general. Next one of the more obvious tips is to make sure that you are using it with a correct voltage. If not there is a chance of the entire thing catching fire. Make sure that the voltage is correct before using the device. Finally understand that some things just can’t be made using this device. For an example do not attempt to make a coffee mug and use it. The mug would not be able withstand the heat. These are but a few simple tips. Try to get as much information as you can before you use one.