At the peak of every successful business, we always do the mistake of taking a step back and losing the consistency of every relationship that we’ve had with partners and prospects. You may find it less important to invite your important clients to every business function and soon you will find them rejecting your phone call and future invitations. We always tend to lose good clients once a project is done. The small talk at the coffee shop ended the business relationship and there has been no contacts since then. A goodnight and a thank you isn’t sufficient. There needs to be a long term relationship with you warm prospects. Here’s how you can help maintain a healthy and long relationship with your partners or clients.

Be original

Don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not at a work place. This can back fire and you will lose all good clients due to the reputation that you’ve created among your partner’s. Be yourself and connect with people who share the same goal and interest’s as you do. This can increase your chances of having a lasting impression and it also can foster a good relationship with your prospects.

Be reliable

Your clients trust you with their information. All information is disclosed to you with faith and confidence. Don’t go about spilling any information to any random guests at a party or when you’re engaged in small talks. Your prospects trusted you will their information and you have to make sure that you have kept your lips sealed about it.

Get more personal

Apart from the discussion held in your meeting room, it’s important that you get to know your clients on a personal level. Their likes, dislikes, events and charities that are interested in. Engage conversations outside of the business. Go for coffee or a brunch, share your experiences and thoughts and you will know exactly what your client needs from you.

Serving is the new selling

Don’t wait to be served and then offer something. You have to first cater to the needs of the client and they will be willing to give you more than what you’ve expected for. Relationships are built on trust and serving. So, remember to serve before you decide to come up with your expectations.

Have fun

The best coworking space in KL is the place that you can have serious small talks and at the same time plan for an outing or a game of cards. You might get a glimpse of qualities that you have never heard or seen before. You can get to know your clients at a more personal level and share similar kind of taste in music and arts.

It takes time and trust to build a long lasting relationship with any client or prospects. This is why it’s important that you maintain it once you’ve seal the deal. Take the extra phone call and invite them for a game of hockey. Build your relationship and you can build your business to the next level.