It can be quite tough to find the correct fertility treatment facility. However, choosing the correct place is of vital importance to all couples who wish to conceive. Each establishment in operation today will offer a plethora of options and treatments to select from. Most often customers can be lured into less than competent facilities simply because they know how to drive a good deal and exaggerate on their treatments and success. Even though success rates of a facility can say a great deal about them and is a factor that you must consider when choosing the correct place, there are also other factors that you need to pay attention to. Here are some of them.

If the consultant is working part time

If the fertility doctor in Singapore is working part time in any other sort of medical facility or if they are providing any other gynecological services you might want to avoid them. Why could this be an issue? Firstly because somebody who works part time, will not be able to provide you with the full time attention that you might need. Therefore the success rates will be a bit low. The next reason is that the consultant will not be able to give much individual attention. Bear in mind that the cycle of a woman cannot be adjusted according to the schedules of consultants. Therefore it is very important that the consultant you choose has enough time to give you.

If the facility only offers a few treatments

Make sure that you check with the place to see if they offer embryo freezing. Almost well reputed and credible clinics will offer this. If there is no such service you will also not be able to get any IVF treatment here. If they do not have the capacity to store frozen embryos, chances are that your embryo will be handed over for keeping to another entity without your informed consent.

Establishments that are reluctant to be transparent

This one should be common sense. If any establishment seems unwilling to give you a clear and transparent idea of their facilities and the equipment as well as technology they use, stay away. In most of these below standard facilities, the equipment is either bought second hand or are out of date. Undergoing any treatment from such a place carries the risk of dangerous infection.

Look for the right credentials

While you must always look for the success rate of your chosen facility, there are other things that you must look into as well. If you want to ensure that all of the capital and the effort that you are putting into the treatment will not go in vain, check to see how long the treatment program has been offered by the establishment. If it has significant timelines, it is a given almost always, that the program has been tested and stood through time.