Your boss has just delivered some bad news to you. He tells you that he may have to shut down the company because he is running at a loss. You are horrified at the news and try to tell him not to take such a rash decision because so many employees will lose their jobs and he will have to incur additional expenses by paying the staff compensation. But you realise that your boss’s mind is set on closing down the company and the only option left is for you to find an alternative solution to stop your boss from shutting down the company.

Help and consultation
You ask your friends and colleagues what to do and they suggest that you check out the company that handles trusty SME funding in Singapore which is in close proximity to your office. You pay them a visit and the friendly staff welcome you. From the look on your face the staff realise that you need help very badly and immediately introduce you to their professional consultant. The smile on the face of the consultant quickly eases your tension and you explain the problem to him. The consultant tells you that he will have to check out the documentation at your office and see how the company profits can be improved and how much money your boss will need to turn the company around.

Reasonable rates
The company consultant also tells you that if necessary they can provide your boss with a fast cash loan that can be paid back in monthly instalments to get the company back on track. He also shows you some brochures with monthly instalment schemes that his company has for their customers and suggest that your boss signs up for one because the rates are very reasonable. You inform your boss of the latest developments and he is happy to get the professional’s help to save the company. Before you know it an official is sent to the office to assess the present situation.

Good profits
The official tells your boss that within three months his company will start making good profits and that all he has to do is let the experts help in improving the present status of the company. Your boss is very supportive and work begins. The officials start taking a look at the documents and making little adjustments to put the company back on track. Your boss is more surprised than you when he realises that his company has started making good profits by the second month. He makes a personal visit to meet the consultant and thanks him for the amazing job done within such a short period of time.