If you are in the tourism board of your country a part of your job will be to develop the tourism industry. This means that you will have to make policy decisions that will make your country a more attractive destination for people travelling abroad to do business or on vacations. There are many ways in which you can do this. However it will also depend on your strategy and the annual goals that have been set for you. For example if you are a small country that cannot accommodate tourists in large numbers you will want to aim for niche tourist markets. Whatever strategy you may chose to adopt, we have listed out a few things you can do in this regard.

Becoming known for your hospitality

The best way to become an attractive destination for tourists is by becoming known for your hospitality. You can promote some hospitality courses in Singapore that the service staff of hotels in your country can take. Sometimes college courses on these subjects can be expensive so you can offer the same subject material at a subsidised cost. You can also get leaders in that industry to pass on their knowledge as guest lecturers.

Having some stellar locations that they can visit

Become well known for the stunning locations that people will want to visit. If you have historic locations make sure that they preserved for the future generations. You should also take steps to make sure that the large crowds that visit these locations do not damage them. Furthermore if you have locations that display natural beauty such as beaches you can make sure that they are preserved.

Promote these locations by using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also get leading travel magazines to do a write up on these locations in order to help it get the attention it deserves.

Being cost effective

The best way to attract large numbers of guests is to be cost effective for travellers so that your country is a place they can visit on a budget. This means that you will have to build places that provide affective accommodation for them. However you cannot miss out on the quality of the service provided at such places so hire a staff that has a background in hospitality & tourism management so that they know how to provide the best service to their guests.

However this is only a good strategy if you are from a large country that can accommodate a larger number of guests so that you can earn high profits even though the amount you earn per guest will be low.