A product press release is done in order to inform the press and the public, more importantly potential interested parties about the launch of a new product. Throughout the entirety of the press release, it is important to maintain clear language that emphasizes on what the product is what it has to offer and what the benefits are. The headline usually must grab the attention of the reader and slowly transition its way to specific product information.

Identify the unique selling point

Firstly, you must compile a list of all the benefits that are unique to your product. List the positive features associated with the product and remove any features that are similar to that of other products that you are competing with. This will give you the most unique features that give you a higher competitive advantage amongst the others. Unlike an EDM campaign, it is important to keep the press release short and concise. The unique selling point is the most unique feature to your product that will grab the viewer’s attention and help them with their buying decision.

Present a story

As much as it is important to conceptualize the unique selling point, it is also important to think about how this product will affect the consumer’s life. Including a reference to the experience or the solution your product offers to its end user in the form of a story to captivate its viewer’s will help boost their interest and attention to the product. You can use an email marketing design in Singapore later on to get in to the more detailed descriptions of the product. If your product is specific to a particular audience only such as an industrial or commercial business, then it is best to stick to the technical aspects of the product’s most superior qualities.

Key elements of the press release

One of the key elements is the headline and this needs to be one of the strongest and most eye catching statements of your release. Especially as there are many online articles and press releases, the most attractive headline will capture the reader’s attention most. The first paragraph that follows has the most important and pertinent information of the advantages or benefits of the product. Include any launch dates and event information if relevant and move on to the middle paragraph where evidence and any support or reviews of the product will be highlighted. In the concluding paragraph, wrap up and summarize some of the key information from the body the release and include any contact details for further information.