A Day For Artists –Unusual Ways To Display

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Art and creativity is taking a turn towards a modern concept. In a world full of creativity and ignited minds, holding an art exhibition is no longer limited to old fashioned ways. Any spot can be turned into an art centre. With the rise in street art and 3d works, even public walls and streets have been turned into centres for artists to showcase their talent. Walking down long halls in white and pin drop silence is not as exciting or entertaining as the art work that is available for showcasing today. So here are some unique ways to show some of the great talents of today.

Makeshift or impromptu walls
A folding panel display is a great way to pop up some art work at unexpected corners of the street. These panels are light weight and can be dismantled and assembled by just one person. It is also very easy to be transported. They come in many different colours and a choice of fabrics, which gives you the flexibility to choose something that will suit your kind of art work. It would be an interesting way to display some art work in impromptu style. Have a few individuals walk up and assemble these panels with an artist’s work on it like in a street mob. Not only will it attract attention, it will also be a great and unique way to gain exposure for the artist involved. Play some background music to which the gathering, assembling and dismantling can take place.

Moving creations
Usually you have the art on a wall and the viewers walking around. It would be a great method to have the views seated in designated areas and have the creativity move around. Using a display wall or a portable backdrop stand in Singapore preferably with wheels, attach art work and have them moving around. Set up in a way that they will be sturdy and perhaps a track could be set up so the panels can move freely on it. It will be a great show. Have the right lighting and music to add to the uniqueness of it.

Art is a very out of the box subject most often than not. Even the way it’s presented to the general public should not have to be limited or constrained. So take up every opportunity to present creatively, drawing exclamations and excitement from the audience. Making the headline of tomorrow’s news is usually the target, so every attempt will count. If it doesn’t please many, it won’t really matter, after all it is a subject of personal preference.