Things To Know About Plastic Surgery

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It is an intricate section of surgery that involves the reconstruction or changing of the human body. It is commonly used for cosmetics or to enhance the look of the particular individual and to reconstruct a body part in case of accidents or burns. Egyptians are thought to be the ones who first came up with the concept of plastic surgery all the way back in 2500BC. The Egyptians used it to mend broken noses. The Indians are also thought to have made good use of it since the ancient times. News of the Indians discovery spread to the Arabian Peninsula. It then passed on to Italy and then through them spread to the rest of Europe. Once the news reached the British they traveled down to India to witness and verify the truth of it all. Joseph Constantine Carpue is alleged to have spent twenty years in India so he could study and perfect the art of plastic surgery. In 1815 he carried out the first plastic surgical operation in the Western world. 

It was widely used during world war III to reconstruct soldiers’ faces and other parts of the body from gunshot wounds and other fatalities. Nowadays though it is widely used as a cosmetic option where people use it to enhance their looks or modify a certain part of their body. Double eye lid surgical procedure is such a type of plastic surgery that’s fast becoming the norm in the world especially in Asian countries like Singapore. It is easy to get a double eye lid surgery in Singapore due to it being extremely popular among Asians who want to make their eyes seem larger.

This is due to the fact that many Asians do quality double eyelid surgery in Singapore is because it creates that distinctive Caucasian line and crease that most Asians do not naturally have. The surgical operation involves removing skin, some tissues from below the surface of the skin and on some occasions the use of fat pads.

Nose reshaping is another type of plastic surgery that is extremely popular in today’s world. The technical term being rhinoplasty, it is at times done for medical purposes like fixing any breathing issues or birth defects but is more common for cosmetic reasons where they change the shape and outlook. Tummy tucks are also a type of plastic surgery where the intention is to remove fat and extra skin and sometimes for medical reasons where it is used to weakened muscles in the abdomen. It can help the individual achieve a strong and well-toned stomach.